3 Must-try drinks in Parole

Parole Polanco is known for its romantic venue in a sophisticated and chic Italian-style atmosphere. 

Every corner was designed to create a culinary experience full of sensations and great flavors. Each ingredient and dish is carefully chosen to offer classic recipes with a touch of modernity and tradition. 

If you are looking where to eat Italian food in Polanco, Parole is the best option. Besides the cuisine, their live shows make your evening memorable and unique. 

In addition to its incredible food menu, Parole has an extensive variety of cocktails, created with natural ingredients, decorated with herbs, flowers and original glasses. 

If you’re ready to venture into new proposals of signature cocktails, we invite you to try these drinks full of imagination, creativity and art. 


Cinema Paradiso

Paying tribute to this classic Oscar-winning feature film, and a declaration of love to Italy, this drink is perfect for vodka lovers. This drink has prosecco and hibiscus, among other natural ingredients that make it fresh and bold. 


Morte a Venezia

For mezcal lovers we present Morte a Venezia, the name pays homage to the movie with the same name. This cocktail has mezcal, ancho reyes liqueur, hibiscus and habanero infusion, among other ingredients. 


Sophia Loren 

One of the most popular drinks at Parole Polanco is named after the famous Italian actress: Sophia Loren. 

For gin lovers, this is the perfect drink, with hints of citrus and St Germain. 

As an extra we recommend La Dolce Vita, which as its name suggests is perfect to enjoy the "sweet life". This drink has rum and limoncello.