3 seafood dishes you must try in Parole

3 seafood dishes you must try in Parole


In addition to marveling you with exquisite appetizers and pastas, Parole also offers great wonders of the sea served in a masterful way. Its menu is very diverse, full of artisanal recipes and fresh seafood. Our staff is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through a unique culinary experience. 

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Cancun, with enviable views of the lagoon and live happenings that will amaze your senses, the tenor and violinist show are a must for entertainment in Cancun. 

If you want to know its most spectacular dishes, these are some of our recommendations. 


Colossal grilled octopus: Prepared on the grill, this octopus belongs to the super colossal category, weighing up to 4 kg. Only 0.0025% of all octopus production in Mexico qualifies in this category. It’s prepared with paprika, olives, olive oil and a touch of sea salt. One of the favorite dishes for those who love the flavors of the sea and try ingredients and seafood that you won't find in any other restaurant in Cancun. 


Cacio e pepe con astice: This is a classic Italian dish, an artisan pasta with cheese and pepper, accompanied by Maine Lobster, a very peculiar and exclusive lobster, which differs from a regular lobster for its flavor and claws. The Maine Lobster comes from Nova Scotia, it’s a lobster with superior and extraordinary flavor. Its fishing is sustainable and regulated through high import standards. Enjoy its soft and abundant meat fused with one of the most typical Italian pastas. 


Lobster and Asparagus Risotto: The softness and flavor of the risotto is intensified by the asparagus and the Lobster Lobster, a peculiar and exclusive lobster with a subtly intense and exquisite flavor. This dish is the perfect marriage between the texture of the risotto and the abundant meat of the lobster.  


If you’re a seafood lover, looking where to eat in Cancun, Parole is the ideal choice. A complete experience that will become one of your favorites.