5 reasons to visit Parole Los Cabos

5 reasons to visit Parole Los Cabos


Parole has arrived in Los Cabos to surprise locals and travelers from around the world looking to discover new places and culinary experiences. This innovative concept has settled in the destination to become a favorite almost instantly.

The Italian essence and Mediterranean flavors are present in every section of its menu. Its exceptional recipes and exquisite fresh pasta dishes will surprise your senses with every bite. 

Let yourself be carried away by its fresh flavors and the most exclusive ingredients of the sea, presented in a majestic way at your table. 

We give you 5 reasons to visit the new Parole Los Cabos.



Its romantic decoration surrounded by cozy corners and comfortable armchairs, as well as its elegant tables will make your evening an unforgettable moment. 

Parole Los Cabos has a special charm that makes it ideal for couples, friends and families, who will discover their next favorite spot.  



Spectacular dishes

Parole's cuisine is distinguished by its Mediterranean influence, the essence of Italian tradition and the greatness of amazing ingredients that come alive in every dish. 

Picture this: tasting your favorite pasta, hand made in the moment with lobster or Nigerian shrimp; Parole’s promise is: majestic seafood elevating classic dishes.  



Signature Mixology

Parole's cocktails are an essential part of the concept, each drink was created inspired by Italian icons, such as characters, movies, actresses and famous expressions. 

Each drink seeks to pay tribute to the beauty of Italy and its sense of aesthetics on all levels: artistically and visually, becoming pleasant for the senses. 

Cocktails not to be missed: Il Padrino and Sophia Loren. 



Vibrant shows

Your table will be filled with exciting dishes and surrounded by the best atmosphere. Join the Italian celebration with live performances by the tenor chef and violinist. The live happenings will make your visit even more memorable and you will take home the best memories of an Italian evening. 



Extraordinary desserts

Parole's desserts are simply exceptional. Discover Italian desserts with a modern and innovative vision, and mind-blowing presentations that will make your evening magnificent and totally dazzling.