The charm of the Italian coast arrives to Los Cabos

Parole now has a new location: Los Cabos. Let yourself be amazed by the Italian charm of Parole in its newest location. The most romantic and charming restaurant of Grupo RosaNegra opens its doors in this destination to conquer new diners with its elegance and exquisite cuisine. 


Parole is an Italian restaurant that offers a cuisine steeped in history and tradition combined with seafood of unprecedented quality. The dishes are homemade and cooked with products from Italy, presented with a creative touch that challenges and surprises.


Discover classic Italian recipes with an international gourmet touch and the world's most exclusive seafood. Parole's mission is to turn your culinary experience into a memorable moment that conquers each of your senses. 

Let yourself be captivated by its spaces, decor and performances that have been recently renovated to create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment to delight you.  


Parole is ideal to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions in one of the most well-known and emblematic areas of Los Cabos and it promises to become a favorite meeting point for friends, families and couples looking to get together and create new memories, as well as discover unique dishes for all tastes and family members. The menu features options for seafood lovers and meat enthusiasts. 

The concept has been inspired by the Italian Mediterranean lifestyle; it seeks to evoke its flavors as well as pay tribute to its exquisite seafood dishes. The pastas are fresh and homemade, their preparation follows an artisanal process that seeks to offer food with imagination, precision and above all, passion.  


Parole strives to create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance thanks to its extensive list of national and international wines, as well as its ingenious and romantic mixology prepared with fascinating ingredients, natural infusions, premium distillates and flowers that make a cocktail a work of art.


Live a spectacular culinary experience in the best Italian restaurant in Los Cabos with the most exclusive seafood in the world.