What is an Italian antipasti?

Antipasti or antipasto means before the main course, therefore it is the Italian way of naming an appetizer, which will serve to whet your appetite. They are usually cold dishes and can be a cheese board, as well as a wide selection of charcuterie. 

This Italian tradition comes from the Renaissance, where prosciutto with capers used to be served, the antipasti is ideal to share, to have a special moment among friends or family, while waiting for the main course without overwhelming the senses. 

Antipasto can vary according to the city or the season of the year. For example, you can include fresh vegetables, a little salad, pickles such as gherkins or peppers, you can also add a sweet touch such as homemade marzipan, raisins or grapes. Everything can be chosen according to taste, seasons and location. 

Undoubtedly, the stars of these tables are cured meats and cheeses; that is why a good antipasto has more value and becomes more exquisite if you choose high quality ingredients. Is more common to pick cheeses with extraordinary and particular flavors such as parmesan or pecorino, as well as a soft prosciutto to delight your palate. It’s important that the antipasti pairs perfectly with your choice of wines, to contrast the flavor of the cheeses and the acidity of your drink. 

You can enjoy your antipasti with some bread, it can be a focaccia or bruschetta, as well as extra virgin olive oil and balsamic oil to continue exploring different ranges of flavors. 

Finally, don't forget that the purpose of an antipasto is not to satiate you, but to whet your appetite and excite your senses with different flavors and textures. 

At Parole Tulum you can start your evening with our Antipasto Misto with gorgonzola, pecorino romano, Grana Padano cheese, as well as Italian salami, roasted vegetables and olives. A true gem of our menu and a magical way to explore Italian cuisine in Tulum.